Business Strategy

Business Planning: Operations

In this next section of our business planning series, we will outline the general flow of our businesses’ operational flow.  This will include our locations, other facilities, technology to be used, equipment, and business milestones.  In essence, operations describe how our business will operate day to day and outline our expectations for business milestones. Locations …

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Marketing Plan: Part 3, Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy is one of the most important sections of the Marketing Plan.  This is what outlines the procedures, the product or service being marketed, in addition to the price, distribution strategies, and promotional plan. Product You know your product and if you have more than one product or service that you are selling, …

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The SWOT Matrix

Originally designed in the 1960’s by management consultant Albert Humphrey, the SWOT matrix is still in full swing and is as useful today as it was then.  Prior to the SWOT, corporate planning had very little success.  The SWOT analysis proved effective for Fortune 500 companies in producing long-term planning that was both executable and …

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