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Taking your approach to the next level.

You have a great idea or an already running business, an investment in Neil Consultants is an investment to take that approach to the next level. We thoroughly research your market segments, existing opportunity, operations and company strategy. This allows us to deliver a high quality coaching service that will deliver the results our clients expect.

Our Approach

1. Discover

We review your current plan, business model and operational structure.  Depending on your current size we will interview you and any other key personnel.  This gives us a personal feel for your business to allow us to discover potential areas for growth.

2. Research

Our researchers and consultants look at the information gathered in discovery and gather information to put together a systematic approach towards your company strategy.

3. Advise

After our research has been verified and concluded, we can then provide the best advise on how to grow your business, put systems in place to be more effective and aliviate any problem areas.

Business Planning: Company Strategy

The company section of the business plan is where you outline the details of your company.  In this section we will cover and describe the following: Business Ownership Formation and Legal Structure Management Team Company Advisors Fiscal Forecast Key Assumptions Fiscal Forecast We will start with the easy part and then work ourselves up to

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Business Planning: Operations

In this next section of our business planning series, we will outline the general flow of our businesses’ operational flow.  This will include our locations, other facilities, technology to be used, equipment, and business milestones.  In essence, operations describe how our business will operate day to day and outline our expectations for business milestones. Locations

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Business Planning: Execution

With the opportunity section of our business plan completely outlined, we now need to talk about how we are going to carry out and execute this business.  Finding the opportunity and outlining a solution is easy compared to execution.  Guy Kawasaki once said, “Ideas are easy. Implementation is Hard.”  That is a true statement.  Keep

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Business Planning: The Opportunity

In our previous blog posts, we outlined the steps to build a basic marketing plan.  Now it is time to get some coffee ready and dive into creating our business plan.  The format we will use is one I personally like as it flows well and allows us to use portions of the context in

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Ready for More

We’ve helped business of all sizes reach new heights using our tried and true business model.  The team at Neil Consulting wants to help you create your best business strategy.

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