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Business Planning: Company Strategy

The company section of the business plan is where you outline the details of your company.  In this section we will cover and describe the following: Business Ownership Formation and Legal Structure Management Team Company Advisors Fiscal Forecast Key Assumptions Fiscal Forecast We will start with the easy part and then work ourselves up to

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Business Planning: Operations

In this next section of our business planning series, we will outline the general flow of our businesses’ operational flow.  This will include our locations, other facilities, technology to be used, equipment, and business milestones.  In essence, operations describe how our business will operate day to day and outline our expectations for business milestones. Locations

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Business Planning: Execution

With the opportunity section of our business plan completely outlined, we now need to talk about how we are going to carry out and execute this business.  Finding the opportunity and outlining a solution is easy compared to execution.  Guy Kawasaki once said, “Ideas are easy. Implementation is Hard.”  That is a true statement.  Keep

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Business Planning: The Opportunity

In our previous blog posts, we outlined the steps to build a basic marketing plan.  Now it is time to get some coffee ready and dive into creating our business plan.  The format we will use is one I personally like as it flows well and allows us to use portions of the context in

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Marketing Plan: Part 4, Sales & Expense Projections

For any business money is crucial.  We have this great idea and have a plan for marketing and positioning shaping up well, but we need to pay for these efforts to get our foot in the door.  We also need to estimate our sales forecast, or what we expect these marketing expenses to bring in. 

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Marketing Plan: Part 3, Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy is one of the most important sections of the Marketing Plan.  This is what outlines the procedures, the product or service being marketed, in addition to the price, distribution strategies, and promotional plan. Product You know your product and if you have more than one product or service that you are selling,

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Marketing Plan: Part 2, Business Analysis

The business analysis section of this plan is a very useful exercise.  Not only will you gain understanding of the business environment for your idea, but you will also have great usable content to add into the formal business plan.  Sometimes this part of the process is an eye-opener and we may realize that this

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Marketing Plan: Part 1, Getting Started

As you are moving towards execution, the next step in planning is developing your marketing plan.  Your marketing plan is an essential tool for moving forward with your business.  Developing this plan helps decide what makes your business idea unique, how you are going to position your company, its products, and how you are going

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The SWOT Matrix

Originally designed in the 1960’s by management consultant Albert Humphrey, the SWOT matrix is still in full swing and is as useful today as it was then.  Prior to the SWOT, corporate planning had very little success.  The SWOT analysis proved effective for Fortune 500 companies in producing long-term planning that was both executable and

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Identifying Competition

To develop an effective business plan we need to understand and determine our competition.  It isn’t unusual for a company that is starting out to proclaim that they have no competition.  The fact is, frequently; they have not completed enough market research to realize all the competition factors.  If a town has no restaurants and

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How to Reach the Ideal Customer

In our previous posts we looked at consumer and business market segmentation. Now we have a good idea of the variety of segmentation factors that create our ideal customer.  The business and consumer segments are slightly different in nature. What we have learned so far shines a good light upon our ideal customer’s behaviors, location,

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Segmenting the Business Market

The business market, often referred to as B2B (Business to Business) is a very different place than the consumer market.  Each has their own pros and cons. Personally, I have worked in both and prefer B2B, but everyone has their own preferences.  Technically there are three types of segmentation for the business market, but I

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Market Segmentation For Consumers

Initial Market Planning Often-times, entrepreneurs have awesome ideas, but they fail to properly research the market.  We need to determine what our market is, who is going to buy our product, what competitors are out there, and what makes us stand out.  I know that you likely want to go into sales mode, but documentation

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