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Neil Consulting provides business consulting services to all stages of a business’s life cycle.  We have developed business plans for startups and process improvement plans for multi-million dollar firms.

Our Services

Marketing Strategy

There are so many options out there to invest marketing dollars in. What is the best approach for your business and what can be leveraged for the largest impact.

Business Consultation

Our business consultation service assists you in identifying problems, resolving them and developing a plan for constant business improvement.

Statistical Analysis

We look at the numbers and analytical data to understand how customers are finding you or where problem areas exist to make smart recommendations.

Business Planning: Company Strategy

The company section of the business plan is where you outline the details of your company.  In this section we will cover and describe the following: Business Ownership Formation and Legal Structure Management Team Company Advisors Fiscal Forecast Key Assumptions Fiscal Forecast We will start with the easy part and then work ourselves up to

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Business Planning: Operations

In this next section of our business planning series, we will outline the general flow of our businesses’ operational flow.  This will include our locations, other facilities, technology to be used, equipment, and business milestones.  In essence, operations describe how our business will operate day to day and outline our expectations for business milestones. Locations

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Business Planning: Execution

With the opportunity section of our business plan completely outlined, we now need to talk about how we are going to carry out and execute this business.  Finding the opportunity and outlining a solution is easy compared to execution.  Guy Kawasaki once said, “Ideas are easy. Implementation is Hard.”  That is a true statement.  Keep

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